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Redland Press History and Mission




Redland Press launched in 1999 with the publication of Kosova Kosovo. Critically acclaimed by the Guardian as "the best descriptions of the area since Edith Durham," Kosova Kosovo quickly became a resource for academics, journalists and military personnel in the aftermath of the Kosovo conflict. As a work of cultural anthropology it is essential to any Balkan library, recording the experience of a young English teacher in what was then one of the most isolated corners of Europe, with, as the journal Osteuropa says: “style, power and humor.”

Redland Press’s success continued with the publication of the novel Orchid Territory. Described by the New York Times as “darkly comic,” it has become a cult best seller and is well into its second edition. In the rich tradition of the wacky comic novels the region is famous for, Orchid Territory, set in the “curious, semi-closed world of South Florida orchid growers” (The Orchid Review) exemplifies the regional focus of Redland Press on this sub- tropical world and all that springs from it.

The publication of Florida Orchid Growing: Month by Month has solidified Redland Press’s reputation as a regional publisher of note. This primer customized to the needs of Florida growers has become the “bible” for growers in sub-tropical and Caribbean areas as well. Being “The best advice on the market” (Palatka Daily News) and “a sure-footed guide” (Orchids magazine) has meant that over 7,000 copies have been sold in less than three years. A third edition is anticipated soon. A Spanish translation is scheduled for publication in January 2011 to serve the bilingual orchid community of South Florida and Latin America.

Redland Press has built on the success of Florida Orchid Growing with Florida Vanda Growing: Month by Month, the first of a series of more specialized orchid books for the South Florida grower. Florida Vanda Growing: Month by Month treats the single genus in greater cultural detail and also provides instruction in the care of related genera. Hybridization history and future prospects for breeding are analyzed as well. Comparable works on Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium are in the works.

Redland Press anticipates continuing to publish works for and about South Florida.

Kosova Kosovo, by Mary Motes

Orchid Territory, A Comic Novel, by Mary Motes

Florida Orchid Growing Month by Month, by Martin Motes

Florida Vanda Growing Month by Month, by Martin Motes