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Florida Vanda Growing: Month by Month


by Martin Motes, PhD


ISBN: 978-0-9674343-5-3
2010, 240 pages


Unlike other genera, no full-length work has been devoted to the cultivation of vandas. This book seeks to fill that gap by providing a comprehensive horticultural treatment of the genus. The scope of this book provides a much needed in-depth treatment of the culture of vandas well beyond the cursory treatment in general literature on the genus. The focus and tone is not purely scientific, but is rather addressed to the interest and needs of the advanced horticulturist.

Martin Motes, a second generation orchidist, has been growing vandas in South Florida for over 50 years. Dr. Motes has bred hundreds of new hybrids, receiving scores of American Orchid Society awards, including three FCCs and three Awards of Quality. His hybrids swept Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the 18th World Orchid conference in Dijon, with V. Mary Motes garnering the trophy as “Best Vanda in Show.” Motes’s hybrids have been recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society and in other international judging venues. He is an accredited American Orchid Society judge.

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Florida Vanda Growing: Month by Month / Martin Motes, PhD