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Florida Orchid Growing: Month by Month


by Martin Motes, PhD


ISBN: 978-0-9674343-3-9
2008, 208 pages


Martin Motes, a native Floridian, has been growing orchids south of Miami for over fifty years, man and boy. His guidance and advice come from a deep knowledge and practical experience of the local, subtropical world. Monthly guides lead the aspiring orchidist through the intricacies of the changing climate and growing conditions of the Florida year: its benefits and its dangers. Practical solutions to problems and to control and prevention of pests and diseases are offered. Growing materials and tools are suggested and their local sources are provided.

Written in a humorous and easily accessible style, Florida Orchid Growing will make everyone an expert. This Florida- specific guide will prove invaluable to subtropical and tropical growers everywhere.

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Now available in Spanish:
Cultivo de orquídeas en Florida mes por mes

Florida Orchid Growing: Month by Month / Martin Motes, Phd