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Kosova Kosova: Prelude to War 1966-1999


by Mary Motes


ISBN: 0-9674343-0-0 (hard cover)
ISBN: 0-9674343-1-9 (soft cover)
1998, 320 pages
$24.95 (hard cover)
$14.95 (soft cover)


“Motes arrived to teach in Pristina in the 1960s, past gypsy carts towing large brown dancing bears down Marshal Tito Street, and returned repeatedly, with precious rolls of toilet paper for her friends on both sides of that ‘a/o’ division in the land’s identity until her last entry, June 1999, when her closest pals called to say they had just had Nescafé with Brit soldiers. These are memoirs without pretensions, but they are so observant — the red apples of Pec, the bottles of Kosovski Kabernet — and vivid that they make up the best description of the region since Edith Durham.”

—Vera Rule, The Guardian:


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