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Orchid Territory: A Comic Novel


by Mary Motes


ISBN: 978-0-9674343-4-6
Second Edition, 2010, 324 pages


“The orchid universe is replete with records and anecdotes of characters that are as varied (and oftentimes wacky and eccentric) as the flowers. That reputation for eccentricity lives on today and … is a rich mine of material for a good read. As a result we have Orchid Territory … a wonderful light read on a rainy afternoon.

“It is a romp through the South Florida orchid scene and the author deftly blends elements of Graham Greene’s Travels With My Aunt and 1001 Dalmatians all in an orchid setting. I had the sneaking suspicion that the character of Mark is inspired by a certain floppy-haired Englishman from the recent hit movie Four Weddings And A Funeral. I think it would make a wonderful movie.”

Malayan Orchid Review


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